New Keto Recipes — with Videos!

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Before using, please refer to our Recipes Disclaimer.

Our library of ketogenic diet recipes is growing — and now includes videos to help you make some of your child’s favorite foods!

The ketogenic diet is an effective treatment for children with seizures, but it can be challenging to make the high-fat meals taste good. The Dietary Treatment Program team is here to help! Nearly 60 recipes are now available online, categorized into breakfast, savory and sweet recipes.

Chef Paige “We know the ketogenic diet can be lacking in flavor and texture, which makes it hard to get children to stick to the diet,” says Paige Vondran. “As the medical chef educator, it is my role to create toothsome and simple recipes that both kids and parents love!” (Get to know Paige.)

We’ve taught many of these recipes at our cooking classes, but we know it can be difficult to fit these classes into your busy schedules. To help more of you access the same helpful tips you’d get in class, we’re now offering videos to help more people learn about the keto diet straight from our chef.

Keep in mind that each recipe will need to be adapted to fit your child’s individualized meal plan. These recipes are designed to be used by patients who are followed by CHOP’s Dietary Treatment Program. Before using, please refer to our Recipe Disclaimer.

Check out the new videos of some fan-favorites recipes, like chocolate chip cookies and pizza. Your keto kid may even enjoy watching the videos and getting involved in the meal prep!

Recipes with videos

Savory recipes

Sweet recipes

Find more ketogenic diet recipes.

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