Research Institute Diversity Fellow: Stronger Communities through Research

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Phylicia Fitzpatrick Fleming, PhD Phylicia Fitzpatrick Fleming, PhD The Postdoctoral Fellowship for Academic Diversity supports Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) belief that innovation is enhanced when a diverse group of researchers from a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and perspectives contribute to solutions. Phylicia Fitzpatrick Fleming, PhD, joined CHOP after a journey of education and service that led her to clinical research in child and adolescent psychology. Grounded in family who provided a foundation of solid life skills, Dr. Fleming pursued her goals of using research to benefit underserved communities.

In this Q&A session with Cornerstone blog, Dr. Fleming talks about what compelled her to apply for the fellowship, what diversity in research and science means to her, her research, including a project related to school-based behavioral health, and much more.

"Diversity in research and science means including the full spectrum of human perspectives. For me, diversity means seeing scientists and researchers who look like me or from other underrepresented groups doing meaningful work, leading teams, and inspiring others. I also think it moves beyond just representation or people with different backgrounds in a room, to creating scientific environments where different perspectives are appreciated and encouraged. That is how innovative ideas, scientific questions, and creative solutions emerge." — Phylicia Fitzpatrick Fleming, PhD

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