Supporting MIS in Children: The Nurses’ Perspective

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Urology Update

By Renee Mora, BSN, RN, and Maria Stilwell, BSN, RN, registered operating room nurses

CHOP Urology’s MIS team in action A core team of experienced surgeons AND staff is key to minimally invasive surgery in children.

The Division of Urology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has been at the forefront of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). In our roles as lead operating room nurses, we play an integral part in the rapidly changing technological advances in urologic surgery. Our surgeons work toward improving patient outcomes by developing advanced MIS techniques — from robot-assisted reconstruction to single-site laparoscopic surgery (SILS) — with proven reductions in postoperative pain and hospital stay while provide cosmetically appealing results. We support this work through close partnership, focusing on streamlining processes, safety and increased operating room efficiency.

Renee Mora, BSN, RN, and Maria Stilwell, BSN, RN Renee Mora, BSN, RN, and Maria Stilwell, BSN, RN During our tenure at CHOP, we have focused on creating a core group of nurses and surgical technicians dedicated to these types of specialized cases. Through intensive online modules and precepted hands-on training with experienced members of the team, we have created an environment in which everyone’s role is carefully predefined and focuses on precision and accuracy.

As the number of our surgeon-scientists and subsequent caseload has increased over the past decade, our support staff has increased from only two nurses to a team of 14 nurses and technicians. This team provides expert support to our surgeons and is equally passionate about the success and growth of this comprehensive program.

As the leaders of this team, we are excited to support the roll-out of the newest robotic platform recently acquired at CHOP. From ensuring a stable supply chain within the organization to completing and organizing the extensive training of all surgeons and support staff, our entire team has worked to ensure a seamless transition to the upgraded system. Our collective hope is that this system will allow us to diversify the types of patients we are able to treat and procedures we can do through a minimally invasive approach.

We tirelessly work hand-in-hand with our surgeons to take care of children from all over the world. This collaborative environment allows us to advocate for the needs of our patients and disseminate our expertise so that all may benefit.

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