Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Kia R. McRay

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Dr. Kia R. McCray, DSW, LSW Dr. Kia R. McCray, DSW, LSW, is a licensed Doctor of Social Work, author and entrepreneur who has a passion to help others and to serve a greater purpose to make a difference in the world. She joined CHOP’s Neonatology Department a year ago, and during this time she has worked as an Enterprise Improvement Analyst.

Kia’s passion for volunteering began in high school working as a peer counselor. In college, she was the President of the Campus Activity Board and the Black Student Union. The common thread in all these experiences is that she was helping other students work through issues, create solutions, and build leadership skills for their future. She has always loved giving back and seeing other people succeed no matter how big or small. Currently, she has taken on volunteer leadership positions, such as the Vice President on the board of the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS) and the Chief of Operations for the National Center for African American Health Disparities Education and Research (NCAAHDER). The main reasons she became involved in these organizations is because of the dedication for wellbeing and the deep research efforts that are given to the communities through empowering resources and education to help create a better future.

For over a year now, Kia has been actively involved in community volunteer opportunities coordinated by CHOP’s Office of Community Impact Community Volunteering Program. Her favorite events are ones that focus on providing wellbeing and personal/professional skill building. Kia’s time volunteering for career exploration activities at LUCY Outreach are especially inspiring for her, due to her connection to the area the organization serves. LUCY Outreach is a non-profit organization located in Camden, NJ that offers multi-lingual, culturally sensitive services to low-income Camden County youth and their families. Kia grew up in Camden, so she was happy to be an example to the youth of Camden; to show them that if she can succeed in reaching her professional goals, they can do the same! Kia hopes to continue on this path of helping others in her new volunteer leadership position within the Multicultural Professional Network, one of CHOP’s Employee Resource Groups.

Kia’s passion for volunteering stems from observing her parents’ drive to always push forward through unfortunate obstacles. Her parents taught her that her voice matters and that she has the ability to do anything if she puts in the effort. Her motivation is built on the foundation they set for her and the promise she made to herself when she was a young girl, which was to always be a part of the solution!

The best advice that Kia can give others is to explore the opportunities available and learn what may spark an interest. Next, once they get that foundation of knowledge, apply it to their passion or possibly explore a new area that they want to develop into! Finally, select a volunteer experience that is best and that will be invigorating, exciting and meaningful. “It will make you want to continue volunteering again and again,” she said!

Thank you Dr. McCray for all you do to help address the needs of our community!

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