CHOP Commitment to New Jersey

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia network touches the lives of children and families in communities throughout the tri-state area, the nation — and the world. We’ve expanded our reach beyond our main campus in West Philadelphia, to include nearly 50 sites in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The CHOP Care Network includes our Primary Care Centers, Specialty Care Centers, with ambulatory surgery at some locations, and CHOP Newborn & Pediatric Care inpatient units.

CHOP in New Jersey

At CHOP, we care for more children than any other provider in New Jersey. Approximately one quarter of children hospitalized at CHOP come from New Jersey.

Our Primary Care Centers, Specialty Care Centers, Home Care and affiliations with local hospitals serve Garden State children in their own communities. In 2007, more than 45,000 New Jersey children were our patients. See a map of our New Jersey locations »

Beyond great pediatric care, CHOP provides a shot in the arm for all of New Jersey. Nearly 2,000 CHOP employees live in the Garden State, and we support an additional 1,500 jobs here.

We believe a healthy community is built one child at a time. Here, our work is our passion, and we pledge to continue meeting our community's health needs, particularly the needs of families with limited access to healthcare. We are committed to using all of our expertise and resources to grow programs, relationships and services that enhance the health and safety of children and families, both within our own community and throughout the world.

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