Fellows' Forum

The Fellows’ Forum is one of the LEND Program’s 5 standing committees. The Forum meets monthly and attendance is required of all fellows.

The fellows elect a Chairperson and a Secretary. The Chairperson sets the agenda, distributes it to fellows, and conducts the meeting. The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing the meeting’s minutes.

Fellows’ Forum aims to facilitate communication regarding program matters among the LEND fellows, as well as to serve as a means to improve communication between the fellows and the LEND Curriculum Committee. An additional goal is to support the fellows’ leadership development through interactive and educational activities.

The Forum is a means for fellows to identify areas in the LEND Fellowship that need improvement, and to work together to develop strategies to promote improvements as a group. Fellows also offer recommendations to the Curriculum Committee for improvements. In turn, the Chair of the Forum attends the Curriculum Committee’s meetings to represent the fellows’ interests. In this way Fellows’ Forum serves as an ongoing mechanism for program quality improvement.

Through fellow-initiated and directed educational or interactive activities, the Forum also provides an opportunity for fellows to further explore their leadership skills and to learn more about their peers’ work in other disciplines. These activities can include case discussions, topical discussions, journal club, outside speaker, group discussion that elaborates information covered in recent LEND class, interactive exercises related to communication skills or leadership issues.