How to Tell if Breastfeeding is Going Well

Breastfeeding is going well if:

  • Your baby is breastfeeding at least eight times in 24 hours
  • Your baby has at least six wet diapers every 24 hours
  • Your baby has at least three yellow bowel movements every 24 hours
  • Your breasts feel softer after a feeding
  • Your nipples are not painful
  • Breastfeeding is an enjoyable experience

When to ask for help

Call your baby’s doctor or a lactation specialist if:

  • Your baby is having fewer than six wet diapers a day
  • Your baby is having fewer than three or four yellow stools a day
  • Your milk is in but you don’t hear your baby gulping or swallowing frequently during breastfeeding
  • Your nipples are painful throughout the feeding
  • Your baby seems to be breastfeeding “all the time"
  • You don’t feel as if your milk has come in by the fifth day after birth