Lesson 2: The Innate Immune System

Students are introduced to the processes of the innate immune system and how it responds to immune system challenges. Using a castle and moat model throughout, the students demonstrate how the innate immune system works. Activities include pop-up glossaries, data tables, and statistical analyses. Students create a multimedia resource to demonstrate their understanding of how the innate immune system works and watch an animation: The Innate Immune System.

Time: Three 45 minute sessions

Lesson questions

  • What are the key features and processes of the innate immune system?
  • How can the innate immune system be modeled?

Teacher files

Here you'll find your lesson plan and a quick overview of the lesson content, activities and recommended prerequisites.

Lesson resources

The Innate Immune System (video animation)

Student files

This student worksheet can be distributed to your students digitally or on paper.