Seat Belt Safety: Pregnancy

Experts agree that everyone, including pregnant women, should always wear a seat belt when riding in a car. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for people ages 5 to 34. Seat belts are the single most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. However, if you’re pregnant, it’s really important to wear your seat belt correctly.

Seat belt safety tips during pregnancy

  • The safest type of seat belt to wear is a lap and shoulder belt combination.
  • The lap belt should be placed below your belly, touching your thighs, and low and snug on your hip bones.
  • Never wear the belt above or across your belly.
  • Always use the shoulder belt which should fit snugly across the center of your shoulder and chest.
  • Never place the shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back.
  • If you are driving, make sure you keep your belly a safe distance away from the air bag. Your breast bone should be at least 10 inches away from the dashboard or steering wheel. You may have to move your seat back as your belly grows!

As you’re preparing for your baby’s arrival, follow this easy-to-use child safety seat checklist when purchasing and installing a child safety seat.