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Sorry, the site you attempted to access has been deemed inappropriate for Hospital use.

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Any deliberate attempt to access inappropriate Web sites is a violation of Hospital Internet policy. See the CHOP Administrative Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy for details.

What makes a site "inappropriate"?

In general, the following categories of Web content are inappropriate for Hospital use:

  • pornography, including adult/mature content
  • violence/hate/racism
  • humor/jokes
  • computer hacking
  • personals/dating
  • advocacy of weapons and violence
  • advocacy of illegal acts

Access to sites in these categories are blocked since Hospital Technology Resources are not to be used for any illegal or improper use or purpose, including displaying material that is fraudulent, harassing, profane, obscene, intimidating, defamatory or otherwise unlawful or inappropriate.

What if I need to access a site anyway?

Occasionally, employees will have a business case for accessing a site that would otherwise be blocked. If you have such a case, please request assistance using ServiceNow.

I'm trying to access a site that's not "inappropriate", yet it's blocked. Why would that be?

Sometimes, a perfectly legitimate site will be blocked. This may happen because the server that hosts the site also hosts a site that is genuinely inappropriate, and the server is configured such that our firewall can't distinguish between the two sites. Another reason is that a domain name that was once used for an inappropriate site has been reassigned.

If you cannot access a site that would not be considered inappropriate yet is blocked, please request assistance using ServiceNow.

NOTE: We can only consider sites that are to be used for Hospital-related work and do not pose any risk to our network.

How does site-blocking work?

Whenever you access a Web site through the Hospital network, it is checked to determine if the website is categorized as inappropriate. If the site is included in the list, it is blocked.

The list is updated each day, so that we can identify even the newest sites as they go online.

Can additional sites be blocked?

If you or your department require even more robust site-blocking capabilities than the Hospital network offers, Information Services can recommend desktop software that is available to block sites based on your own criteria. Like the Hospital network, these programs check incoming Web sites against a list of objectionable sites. However, the blocking applies only to the computer on which the software is installed. Contact the Service Center at 215-590-4357 (4-HELP) for information on site-blocking software for individual PCs.

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