Why Choose The Roberts IMGC

Genetic testing is complex. The Roberts IMCG’s genetic counselors, physicians and financial counselors are available to help referring clinicians and families navigate the pre- and post-testing issues that may arise, such as:

  • Identification of the most appropriate genetic test, when necessary
  • Review of medical history
  • Phenotype capture by physical exam and/or 3-D face imaging
  • Informed patient education and consent
  • Insurance approval process
  • Results review/genetic counseling when requested by the referring clinician
  • Follow-up testing for additional family members, when necessary

Although the primary goal is to assist with exome and genome sequencing, the Roberts IMGC can also assist with most other types of genetic testing.

  • In-house testing: For genetic testing done at CHOP, Roberts IMGC clinicians will work collaboratively with the Division of Genomic Diagnostics (DGD) to gather essential information that can be used in the analysis and interpretation of patients’ test results.
  • Send-out testing: RIMGC clinicians will also assist with complex send-out testing, which may require a more detailed explanation and/or patient consent and/or insurance authorizations.

We also offer the opportunity for all patients to enroll in an ongoing research protocol approved by CHOP’s Institutional Review Board. Research enrollment with the RIMGC allows for gene discovery, translation of genetic discoveries into novel therapeutics and, ultimately, improvements in patient care.

We are eternally grateful for the extremely bright and incredibly caring minds, hearts and souls of the Roberts IMGC team.

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