Patient Stories

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Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia: Sloane’s Story


A rash that appeared as a few tiny purple spots on Sloane’s arms and legs signaled to her parents, Lyndsay and Jon, that something might be wrong, even though the little girl was not showing signs of being sick in any way.

Burkitt Lymphoma: Ayush’s Story


A week before his seventh birthday, Ayush was woken up from sleep by an excruciating headache. When he talked, his speech was slurred. His parents, Reshama and Amol, are both physicians, and when they were in medical school, did pediatrics rotations at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Ewing Sarcoma: Jacob’s Story


When Jacob was 11, he began experiencing intermittent pain in his right leg. Since the pain came and went, he continued playing sports, but the pain worsened, and one night, it was so bad that it woke him up from his sleep.

Lung Transplant: Leah’s Story


Born with a rare lung disorder, Leah is one of the youngest patients to go from a heart-lung bypass machine to successful lung transplant.