Patient Stories

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Reading, Writing & Remission

Izzy and her nurse, Cheryl

A unique program at CHOP allowed 7-year-old Isabella to attend school at the hospital while also getting radiation treatment for cancer.

Down Syndrome: Aidan's Story

Aidan smiling

Every day is a new adventure for Aidan, a 1-year-old with Down syndrome who embraces each new challenge with a smile on his face.

Allergic Asthma: Lorenzo's Story


Diagnosed with severe allergic asthma, Lorenzo is no longer sitting on the sidelines. Thanks to biologic therapy at CHOP, he's back in the game.

Spina Bifida: Zach’s Story

Boy Lemonade Stand

Zach never let his spina bifida hold him back. He wants to make the world a better place and is raising money and awareness for the condition.