Case Management

The Case Management Department at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is staffed by experienced nurses who serve on your child's medical team. Case managers work closely with patients, families and other members of the medical team to coordinate each patient's discharge plan. These professionals also serve as the link between the Hospital and the patient’s insurance plan.

You can reach the Case Management Department at 215-590-1842.

Responsibilities of case managers

A case manager will advocate for your family during every step of your child's care. They can help you by:

  • Evaluating your child's needs during admission to CHOP. During hospital admission, a case manager will evaluate your child's needs for care coordination and discharge. The level of involvement of the case manager depends on the complexity of the care coordination required, but this person is always available to help your family navigate the healthcare system.
  • Working with the medical team. Case managers will offer suggestions to the rest of the medical team regarding possible plan of care options (for example, integrated care service, rehabilitation, home nursing, physical therapy consults, and consults with social work). They can also help your family coordinate meetings with your child's medical team.
  • Creating a discharge plan. Your case manager will conduct reviews of inpatient records to assess your child's changing needs for discharge, and will create, communicate, coordinate and document a safe and effective discharge plan for your child. The plan will include all post-acute care needs and services such as referrals for rehabilitation or sub-acute facilities, infusion therapies, in-home nursing and/or home health aides
  • Connecting with families. When it's nearly time for your child to leave CHOP, your case manager will review discharge plans with your family, updating the plan as necessary to meet your needs.
  • Connecting with insurance companies. Your case manager will report the progress and plan of care for your child to the appropriate insurance company, and is responsible for advocating the insurance provider's payment to CHOP. Case managers are also liaisons between you and your insurance provider, and will advocate for appropriate post-acute care services required for your child when he is discharged from the Hospital.