Contact a Patient

Contact a patient by phone

To contact a patient at the Hospital, you will need the patient's full, correct name. Call our Patient Information line at 215-590-1000 and the operator will give you the patient's hospital room phone number. Please note that the operator will not provide the phone number if the patient’s parent requests it not be given out.

Under no circumstances will the operator disclose information about a patient's medical status, room number or any other personal information.

Send mail or packages

To send mail to a patient at Children's Hospital, please address it as follows:

Child's full name and room number

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

3401 Civic Center Blvd.

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4399

Send an e-Card

From our Web site, you can choose and send an e-Card to any inpatient in the Hospital. Please keep in mind that e-Cards can only be delivered to inpatients, and will take one to two days to be delivered. Send an e-Card

Deliver a gift from our online gift shop

Family and friends can order gifts for inpatients by visiting our online gift shop. Gifts ordered by 3 p.m. are usually delivered the same day, barring any medical restrictions the patient may have.

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