Phone Service

A telephone is provided in your child's room for your convenience. Incoming calls may be received between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. After 9 p.m., incoming calls will go to a recorded announcement.

There is no charge for local calls. From the room phone, to make local calls in area codes 215 and 267 and for toll-free numbers, dial 9 plus the 10-digit telephone number. To call numbers outside of Philadelphia, please provide the operator with billing information such as collect, third-party billing and calling card numbers. 

Families from New Jersey can call the Hospital using a local number, 856-964-5626, to reduce long-distance charges.

Within the Hospital, calls can be made using a 5-digit extension number. To place other calls, please dial the operator at extension 4-1000.

Courtesy phones

Courtesy phones are provided in the Main Hospital lobby, the Emergency Department, and the ADA CARing for Kids Welcome Center. Families may use these phones to call area hotels, taxis, Wheels Inc. (medical assistance transportation) and the Ronald McDonald House™ free of charge.

Public phones

Pay telephones are located outside most Hospital units and on the first floors of the Main Hospital.

Cell phones

Cell phones and other wireless devices are welcome. Please note:

  • As a safety precaution, cell phones are prohibited in certain patient care areas where they may interfere with patient monitoring equipment. Before using your cell phone, please check with your child's nurse.
  • Cell phones and other wireless devices may not be plugged in near any clinical equipment. You may use the outlets in the wall opposite the head of the bed.
  • There are charging stations outside many clinical units, in the Connelly Center, and in other locations.