CHOP Leadership in Equity, Advocacy, and Policy (LEAP) Track 

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) has long been a trailblazer in training pediatric leaders and advocates. The LEAP track represents the latest in CHOP’s unrelenting dedication to be the premier training program for emerging change agents in areas of pediatric equity, advocacy, and policy. The LEAP track seeks to provide the next generation of pediatrician leaders with the foundational skills necessary to ensure that marginalized children, families, and communities can thrive by using their unique platform to advance issues of pediatric equity, advocacy, and policy. 

Through didactics, discussion, experiences, and projects residents will appreciate, understand, and unlock their potential as leaders. The goal of this track is to deepen and broaden their foundational experience and understanding of the Philadelphia community, the patients & families who live within it, appreciate the challenges they face, and give the residents the tools to help effect positive change. Consistent with its tripartite mission, specific objectives include:  


  • Provide a mentored research and training experience to enhance knowledge of a variety of child and adolescent health equity issues 
  • Develop equity-focused research and quality improvement skills  


  • Build on the foundation of core pediatric advocacy skills and experiences delivered through the CHOP Community Pediatrics and Advocacy Program (CPAP) via enhanced educational experiences, community connectivity and mentorship  


  • Cultivate knowledge of a range of health policy issues relevant to child health 
  • Develop skills and experience in health policy analysis focused on a specific issue 
  • Develop a personal strategy/plan to translate knowledge and skills into action  
  • Provide opportunities for more in depth health policy experiences   


 The ideal LEAP track candidate will be an emerging leader for whom the track will serve to accelerate their growth and positioning as a change agent during and post residency. The LEAP resident will be a driven, compassionate individual with exemplary emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and self-direction to make the most of the unique opportunities of the track in service to a future as a leader in the areas of equity, advocacy, or policy. Interested students will apply using the ERAS system, and will rank the track separately from the Categorical Pediatrics training program in the NRMP system.

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How to Apply

Residents are selected through the National Resident Matching Program. You must apply using the ERAS System. Deadline for submissions is Nov 15.

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CHOP's Pediatrics Residency Program offers a balanced, flexible and supportive experience in a top ranked children's hospital. Residents train in cutting-edge facilities, surrounded by world-renowned faculty.