CHOP Education at Your Institution

Faculty from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia often take our CME courses "on the road" and present them at international locations. CHOP has been a frequent participant and partner in courses run by the Open Medical Institute in Salzburg, Austria, and has participated in numerous seminars in other parts of the world. Courses can range in length from several days to a week. Our staff also welcome the participation of local faculty in these programs. We will work with your organization to design a course that best meets your needs.

Visiting Professorships and Speakers

If your hospital or medical association is looking for an expert individual speaker, we are able to provide skilled specialists in many areas of child healthcare. CHOP speakers can make individual presentations or participate in an educational program you develop with local or regional faculty.

Professional Site Visits

Another mode of education comes in the form of a consultation visit that can assist your medical center in some aspect of program development. Areas in which we have significant expertise and which other medical institutions have found to be of value include clinical programs such as pediatric emergency care, neonatology and simulation education, as well as health systems issues such as quality and patient safety

Educational Program Planning

With vast experience in medical education, CHOP faculty are also available to assist you with organizing and conducting your own training programs. We have experience in curricular design, establishing learning goals and objectives, teaching methodology, and individual and programmatic assessment.