Food and Nutrition Education

There is no one specific diet for children with diabetes. While they do require a balance of insulin and carbohydrates in the diet, your child can and should eat a variety of foods to promote growth and health. To help with meal planning, we encourage children with diabetes to see a dietitian every year.

What our dietitians can do for you

  • Help you identify foods that have carbohydrates
  • Help you to understand food labels
  • Help you create a plan for healthy meals and snacks
  • Help you match food and insulin
  • Help you to plan for parties, holidays and events that involve food
  • Help you plan for exercise
  • Provide education on gluten free or heart healthy meal plans

We offer

  • Group classes on matching insulin and carbohydrates
  • Group classes on heart healthy eating
  • Individualized counseling sessions
  • Resources for further information

Educational tools

Carbohydrate Counting and Diabetes Basal/Bolus Regimen [PDF]
This presentation will teach you about counting carbohydrates, reading food labels, and managing snacks and meal plans for children with diabetes.