General Cancer Survivorship Clinic

Once you are at least five years from diagnosis and two years from your last cancer therapy, you are eligible to be seen in the General Cancer Survivorship Clinic.

Sometimes your treating physician will refer you to the Survivorship Program. You can also ask to be seen if you would like to come to our clinic. Most patients are seen on a yearly basis, although some may have more frequent visits if needed.

We know that many survivors are doing very well and have few, if any, medical problems related to their cancer therapy.  It is still important for every cancer survivor to know about their treatment and to understand how that treatment may have the potential for long-term complications.

For some patients, there may be a point in time when you do not need the level of care provided in our Survivorship clinic. In that case, we will work with you to determine what is the best plan for your follow-up care.

Make an appointment

The General Cancer Survivorship Clinic is held every Wednesday in the Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care on CHOP's Main Campus. Morning and afternoon appointments are available.  

To make an appointment with the Cancer Survivorship Program, call 267-426-0762. Be sure to identify yourself as a long-term survivor and ask for an appointment with the Late Effects team. It is important to call several months before you are due to be seen, as our schedules fill quickly.  

For specific questions about a scheduled visit in the General Cancer Survivorship Clinic, call Michele Demski at 267-426-0210. 

Our team reviews every patient's chart before the visit and we will let you know what blood work and other testing is needed. We will schedule that testing for you whenever possible.

Before your visit

Before your visit, we review your medical record and provide a concise summary of your cancer diagnosis, treatment exposures (chemotherapy, radiation, etc.) and your current medical problems. Using this information, we are also able to develop a list of any possible long-term side effects that may occur. Using the Children’s Oncology Group Long-Term Follow-Up Guidelines, our team develops a plan for routine health screening and management of any actual or potential late effects.

During your visit

At the time of your clinic visit, here is what to expect:

  • A meeting with a pediatric oncologist or a nurse practitioner who specializes in the care of childhood cancer survivors. Your visit will not be with your primary oncologist, but we'll update them so they know how you're doing from year to year. 
  • A complete physical exam and routine laboratory and diagnostic testing as needed.
  • A review of previous therapy and potential long-term effects.
  • Guidance from the team on ways to improve quality of life and future health.
  • Availability of a psychologist to discuss any emotional or cognitive (learning) issues resulting from cancer and its treatment.
  • Availability of a nutritionist to discuss specific dietary concerns or to provide general information on a well-balanced diet.
  • An opportunity to participate in research studies that focus specifically on the issues of childhood cancer survivors.
  • After your visit, a comprehensive letter will be sent to your primary care physician, summarizing your history and providing guidance for follow-up care.

Will insurance cover my clinic visit?

A visit to our clinic is a medical visit and is often covered, just as a visit to an oncologist or primary care physician would be. However, coverage varies depending on the insurance company. Be sure to check with the insurance company before making an appointment. You can also direct your questions about insurance coverage and visit referrals to the Cancer Center's insurance specialist, Brittany Williams, at 215-590-4182.