Safe Place Telemedicine Program

Since 2012, our Safe Place pediatricians at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia have relied upon the telehealth solutions in delivering accessible, effective care to children suspected of sexual abuse. And, in 2016, a real-time tele-consultation/telecolposcopy program was launched to provide high-quality telemedicine services at some of our CARE clinic sites.

From the perspectives of patients and their caregivers, our research team found strong positive experiences in the use of tele-consultation for these examinations, and affirmation of the value of access to this high level of specialty care.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated use of telemedicine nationally and Safe Place service lines relied upon this tool to support our patients in our Fostering Health Program and Treatment and Support Program with video visits to ensure care delivery during the peak of that crisis. Today, it has found its benefits for select clinical indications and has been utilized extensively in providing trauma treatment/counseling as a preferred option by our patients and their caregivers.

In 2021, we have expanded our efforts in providing a telemedicine CARE clinic , in partnership with the Dickson Children’s Alliance, in Milford, PA, a rural county in Northeast PA.

The Safe Place Telemedicine Program is currently available on an outpatient basis within CHOP to increase capacity and facilitate access to this specialized care. Referrals for our services can be initiated through a CHOP provider, and depending on the team staffing and locations, we may utilize telemedicine vs. a traditional visit.