Spiritual Care Services

Interfaith chaplains sensitive to varied expressions of faith, both religious and non-religious, are dedicated to providing support 24 hours a day.

What do chaplains do?

At Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), chaplains provide direct spiritual care, coordinate clergy referrals, educate staff, and serve as a liaison for families with their own spiritual leader.

Chaplains can be with you when:

  • You are anticipating surgery.
  • You receive bad news or you are giving thanks for good news.
  • You are facing difficult decisions.
  • You have a spiritual question (Why is this happening to me? Am I being punished? Why do bad things happen to good people?).
  • You are searching for meaning in the midst of loss or death.
  • You feel overwhelmed.
  • You want someone to pray with you.
  • You want to receive a sacrament or religious ritual (e.g., baptism, Eucharist, bris).
  • You need a copy of a certificate confirming a religious ritual.
  • You are struggling with the meaning of your child’s illness.
  • You want to reconcile with someone or with God.
  • You want to connect with your faith community.
  • You are having trouble sorting out your feelings.
  • You are grieving or feeling anxious, hopeless, powerless, lonely, angry, guilty or regretful.

Chaplains can help by:

  • Listening with compassion and without judgment
  • Praying with or for you
  • Conducting or arranging for rites, rituals and the needs of your particular faith group
  • Providing spiritual support
  • Contacting the leader of your faith community on your behalf
  • Providing Sabbath candles, prayer rugs, books, a Bible or other religious, spiritual, devotional or inspirational items
  • Administering sacraments or presiding over rituals
  • Supporting you through care planning and decision-making

How to contact a chaplain

Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can be reached by paging #10743 from a CHOP phone. Your nurse can also help you with this.

Schlimm Center for Prayer and Reflection

The Schlimm Center for Prayer and Reflection is located on the first floor of the Main Building, just off the Rotunda. Redesigned and rededicated in January 2007, the center is a place of peace, where families of all denominations can pray, reflect, meditate and find comfort.

Weekly interdenominational Communion services are held on Sunday from noon to 12:30 p.m.

Email your prayer requests to our chaplains

Patients and families can email their prayer requests to our chaplains at prayerrequests@email.chop.edu. As always, respectful confidentiality is offered by the chaplains who read and respond to these requests.