Donor Story: Esha Bhatia

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Esha Bhatia has been employed by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) in various roles for more than 20 years. She started in the Research Institute, helping put together a grant proposal in General Pediatrics and then serving as a co-investigator for the project. She’s worked on the web team and in a customer engagement role. Currently, she’s a strategic consultant for Information Systems.

Esha Bhatia Bhatia feels lucky. Not only does CHOP give her a fulfilling career, it also gives her a meaningful beneficiary for her IRA.

She decided to make CHOP the beneficiary of her IRA three years ago. “I so highly value the mission of the organization,” she explains. “When I think about what kind of legacy, big or small, that I could leave, giving funds to CHOP seemed like a way to make a lasting impact. I feel confident the money will go to support a really good mission.”

She also feels a sense of personal gratitude: “CHOP has given me a lot, and it’s a way to repay that. CHOP has given me rewarding work and the opportunity to feel like I’m making a difference and I’m part of the mission.”

Bhatia had given several cash gifts to CHOP over the years, including a gift toward the construction of Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care. Once she made the decision to designate Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as her IRA beneficiary, the step she took couldn’t have been simpler: She went online to her retirement account and typed it in.