Employee Story: Tailored Care for Every Child

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In her role as Senior Director of IS Business Operations, Jessica Giannasca works with a variety of departments at CHOP and experiences first-hand the great work taking place here. But she has an intimate understanding of the patient family experience, as well – Jessica’s daughter Lily was treated at CHOP when she was just 5 years old.

A Time of Uncertainty

Lily smiling When Lily started fainting at school, it was a scary time for the family – they had no answers. Without delay, Jessica reached out to her peers to find the best specialists for Lily and she didn’t need to look far. Jessica immediately took Lily to CHOP where she was evaluated by clinicians in divisions across the Hospital.

Going Above and Beyond

The cross-functional team came together to diagnose and treat Lily, but Jessica noticed they went above and beyond. The team understood that the healthcare experience can be overwhelming and frightening for children, and it was clear that her care was being deliberately personalized just for Lily.

From the sedation nurse who played with Lily and distracted her from a brain MRI, to the clinicians who remained upbeat and always engaged with her in a fun way, to the phlebotomist who exhibited gentle, compassionate care during a scary procedure – these are just a few examples of how CHOP staff members strive to tailor care for every child and meet patient families where they are.

Giving Back

After nearly a year of the unknown, her care team was able to stabilize Lily’s condition once she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Jessica felt a deep sense of relief and gratitude and decided to express her appreciation for the great care Lily received by making a philanthropic gift to CHOP.

My desire to give back was amplified by having a personal patient-family connection… I absolutely love CHOP's mission and will continue to support its efforts to reach children across the world and abolish childhood diseases! GO CHOP!

If you would like to join Jessica in support of the great work taking place here, please consider a gift to For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs, the most historic fundraising campaign in our history. You may choose to give to any area that touches your heart, or make a contribution in support of The Children’s Fund which enables CHOP to seize new opportunities and meet unexpected needs as they arise.