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Ten years ago, as the campaign For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs was launching, Nicholas and Athena Karabots donated $7.5 million to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) to lead the creation of a new pediatric and adolescent care center in West Philadelphia. The couple’s deep desire to make high-quality medical resources available to more children in underserved communities inspired them to make the gift.

Doctor reading a book to his young patient In 2013, the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pediatric Care Center opened its doors, welcoming families to CHOP's innovative pediatric care. The center quickly blossomed into a beloved community hub for more than 32,000 children and families each year. The Karabots

Center offers much-needed healthcare services, including radiology, hearing and vision testing, and a phlebotomy laboratory. In addition to a full range of primary care services, the Karabots Center also houses 16 community programs, such as the Violence Prevention Initiative and the Homeless Health Initiative.

Siblings Kwaeli, 12, and Nup, 15, have come to the Karabots Center since it opened, and their mom, Eboni, says, "It has become an extension of our home. I have never had consistent healthcare from one doctor during my lifetime, and I know it makes a big difference for my children."

Karabots In 2020, the Karabots enhanced and extended their commitment to underserved communities through a generous $2 million pledge toward the construction and renovation costs at CHOP’s Primary Care Center in Norristown, Pa., which is named the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Primary Care Center Norristown and which also offers robust community programming.

“My wife and I are delighted to be able to support organizations such as CHOP that assist our young people, especially those living in difficult circumstances in underserved communities. My experience has proven to me that assistance, such as that which CHOP provides, not only helps our youth with their health but also provides them with an opportunity to better understand the efforts they might apply in order to achieve that which was, at one time, unknown to them and that which they once thought was unachievable," said Nicholas Karabots.

This is just one of the many stories of donor impact that happened during the campaign For Tomorrow’s Breakthroughs.

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