Type 1 Diabetes: Asher's Story

Asher was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and celiac disease when he was just 3 and a half years old. His family was in shock. They didn’t know what type 1 diabetes was, or how to control it. 

Patient Story Asher Diabetes The team at the Diabetes Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia jumped into action, and taught Asher’s family everything they could about the disease and how it is managed. Just six months after his diagnosis, Asher was using an insulin pump and his diabetes was under control. 

Asher’s family decided to make sure their son came first, and diabetes came second. They wanted him to have the most normal life possible so they continued all their usual activities, but now they’re just a little more prepared for any surprises that diabetes may throw their way. The family developed a great network of local friends and family who understand what they’re facing each day, and they’re regulars at CHOP’s Diabetes Parent Support Network meetings. The whole family participates in local walks, fundraising events, and diabetes camps.

It’s been four years since Asher’s diagnosis, and diabetes doesn't slow him down one bit. Today he wears a pump and CGM, and is a happy healthy 8-year-old living well with this disease. His favorite activity is snowboarding. Yes, you can manage type 1 on the mountain! Asher participates every year in a snowboarding camp for kids with type 1 diabetes called Riding On Insulin. It is hard for him at times, but he’s learned to stuff supplies in every pocket of his winter gear so he’s always prepared for anything.

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