Type 1 Diabetes: Emily's Story

Emily Gold is a bright, spirited teen who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8.

Shortly after her diagnosis, Emily and her family organized “Emily's Eagles” to participate in the JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes and have walked every year since. From 2005 through 2010, Emily’s Eagles has raised more than $21,000 to find a cure for diabetes.

Educating others

emily Emily and her family have done much more than walked and raised money to find a cure for diabetes. They have also produced a video posted on YouTube featuring Emily as actor and producer. Emily’s mom helped edit the video and arrange for a guest appearance by Knuckles as the “Diabetic’s cat.” In the video, Emily describes her daily routine on an insulin pump.

Emily is one of two children. She is a straight-A student who attends school in Mount Laurel, NJ. When she is not making YouTube videos, she enjoys drawing, sewing, dancing, spending time with friends, and taking care of her two cats, Knuckles and Ziggy. Emily also volunteers at the Animal Welfare Association shelter in Voorhees.

Staying positive

As for living with type 1 diabetes, Emily notes that she tries to keep a positive attitude. She knows that taking the time to test her blood sugar, count her carbs, and make sure she's getting the proper amount of insulin is what keeps her healthy and feeling good. Diabetes hasn't stopped Emily from doing any of the things that she was able to do before she was diagnosed. She sees herself as a normal teenager. Emily's mom says:

Emily has an amazing sense of humor that helps her — and us — going in tough times.

One piece of advice that Emily would give to other kids with diabetes is to check out the Children with Diabetes online community for good information about managing diabetes. She also recommends going to diabetes camp. Emily loves Camp Nejeda in Stillwater, NJ, where she attends for two weeks every summer.

Emily and her family are very appreciative of Marianne Buzby, MSN, CRNP, their nurse practitioner, who helps tweak Emily’s pump settings whenever needed.

Originally posted: February 2012

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