Additional Hospital Policies

All vendors to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) must read and comply with the following Hospital policies:


Compliance with ethical and legal standards of conduct

CHOP and affiliates are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our patients and conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

The Hospital's Compliance Standards of Conduct (PDF) describe the Hospital's compliance program and its role in ensuring compliance with legal and ethical standards and in detecting and preventing fraud, waste and abuse. The Compliance Standards of Conduct also contain detailed information about the federal False Claims Act and other federal and state laws aimed at the prevention of fraud and abuse in the federal and state healthcare programs (such as Medicare and Medicaid). As a contractor or vendor of the Hospital or one of its affiliates, you and your employees are expected to abide by these standards in connection with your business activities with or for the Hospital.

Download the Letter to Contractors and Vendors of CHOP About Our Compliance Program and Policies (PDF)

The Compliance Standards of Conduct also provide information about how to raise a compliance concern (including anonymously through The Children’s Hospital’s Compliance Hotline) and the Hospital’s policy prohibiting retaliation against people for raising concerns in good faith.

Please visit Ethics and Compliance for information about our compliance program and related policies, laws and regulations.

Business associate agreements

The Hospital works with a variety of individuals and organizations to perform activities on the Hospital’s behalf that involve the use or disclosure of patient information. Some of these individuals/organizations are considered Business Associates and the Hospital must enter into a written Business Associate Agreement with them. If you are identified as a Business Associate, Supply Chain Management will forward an agreement for signature.

Questions about Business Associates, including whether a vendor has a completed Business Associate Agreement on file at CHOP, can be sent to

Confidentiality of patient and institutional information

Confidential information

All patient information is confidential, regardless of whether it is spoken in a conversation, written on a piece of paper, contained in an email or stored electronically in a Hospital computer or on a portable storage device. Vendors and their employees or agents must protect and keep patient information confidential.

Medication samples and vouchers

The Hospital no longer accepts medication samples from pharmaceutical representatives or physicians. The Hospital supports the use of Medication Vouchers for patients as an alternative to samples to assist patients in safely obtaining prescribed medications.


Use of wireless RF transmitting devices

Cellular phones

  • AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint/Nextel serviced cellular phones are permitted throughout the Hospital, unless otherwise posted.
  • Cell phones must be kept a minimum of three feet away from medical devices.

Walkie talkie/radio

  • Prohibited from use in procedural rooms and inpatient rooms.
  • Prohibited from use in all departments utilizing physiological monitoring by Telemetry.

Use of computers

Laptop computers can be used in patient care areas in the electrical or battery mode. The Hospital provides free wireless access to all visitors in the Main Hospital, Wood Center, Seashore House, Abramson Center and Wanamaker Building.

Fire and emergency plans

Vendor representatives are responsible for being familiar with the emergency procedures for any CHOP facility they are visiting.