Invoice Submission Requirements

Accounts Payable Shared Services Center

The Accounts Payable Shared Service Center (APSSC) at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s (CHOP) manages the AP functions for the Hospital, Research, Foundation, Children’s Healthcare Assoc., Children’s Surgical Assoc., Children’s Anesthesiology Assoc., and Radiology Assoc.

We value strong relationships with our vendors. Using our standardized and streamlined invoice process will result in prompt payment and better customer service. 

Please review the material below and keep this information as a reference.

Billing method/address

Invoice submission method

Please use ONE of the methods below — if you use both, it will delay payment.

  1. Preferred electronic method: Email invoice to Please do not send any questions or instructions in this email. It is a receipt email box only.  
  2. Standard mail: Central “Bill to” mailing address
    Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
    PO Box 2015
    Secaucus, NJ  07096-2015

AP contact information

AP customer service: Please contact CHOP’s APSSC customer service with all invoice inquiries:

Please review Image Processing System's (IPS) guidelines for email submission (PDF).

Use of purchase orders

A valid CHOP purchase order number must be referenced on all invoices. A Purchase Order (PO) number must appear on ALL invoices, packing slips, shipping documents and labels. Ask the requestor of the goods or service for the PO number. 

For additional information regarding Purchase Orders, please email

In the few instances where a valid purchase order is not established, vendors must include a Route Key/Routing Code on their invoice. The routing code must be obtained from the CHOP requestor of the goods or service. Non-compliance with this request will delay the payment process.