Travel Policies and Procedures

Reasonable business expenses associated with travel by service providers' personnel, which have been authorized in advance by CHOP, are reimbursable as follows:  


  • Coach or economy class, based on the lowest logical fare for the origin/destination.
  • Selection of an air carrier and/or flight time should never be decided based on frequent flyer mileage or other travel awards. Under no circumstances may the frequent flyer carrier be reserved when a less expensive and equally practical alternative is available.

Ground transportation

  • Public transportation or airport shuttles must be used when reasonable and available (rather than cabs).
  • Personal auto (reimbursable at IRS rate) may be used if less costly than the airport shuttle or public transportation.
  • Parking charges are reimbursable — airport parking should be at least expensive rate (long-term lot). Short-term parking is only reimbursable for trips spanning less than 24 hours.


Use of CHOP discounts and preferred hotels is required, unless service providers rates are lower. Reimbursement is based on standard rooms — suites, concierge level, luxury accommodations are not reimbursable.

Meals and incidentals

  • The meals and incidental rate is based upon the United States General Services Administration Policy for travel management under per diem by location — reference, applicable city M + IE rate.
  • The food per diem only applies to overnight trips.
  • Meal reimbursement for dinner for day trips will apply when the projected arrival time, either going to the business destination or returning home from the business destination, is after 7 p.m.


  • Original, itemized receipts must be provided for airline tickets, hotels, ground transportation, and any other reimbursable expenses (other than meals) exceeding $25.
  • Reimbursement is based on actual, reasonable costs.