Behavior Modification for Daytime and Nighttime Wetting

Dysfunctional voiding is not usually caused by emotional factors, but it can take an emotional toll on you and your child. Our psychologists in the Division of Urology will help you and your child learn new ways to control daytime or nighttime wetting. We are one of only a few pediatric urology programs in the nation with psychologists embedded in our clinic, which helps us provide complete care for your child.

Using behavior modification

We will work with you to set reasonable expectations for your child's progress and we will help you set up structure and routines. Our psychologists will discuss behavior management around toileting, including how to effectively use incentives, rewards and natural consequences when your child is not doing his part. The psychologist will help you find ways to integrate the treatment plan into your daily life.

Many children we treat have other mental health or behavioral issues that make treating their wetting more challenging. Our psychologists will work with you to treat the voiding problems. We can also refer you to outside mental health professionals to help your child work on learning issues, emotional, or behavioral issues, if needed.