Video Urodynamic Study (VUDS)

The video urodynamic study helps us understand how well your child’s bladder fills and empties.

We recommend this study when we'd like a more thorough evaluation of your child's bladder. The goal in performing the test is to assess the bladder's storage ability and how well it empties and contracts.

A special catheter is placed into the bladder to measure the pressure while the bladder is filled with fluid. A soft catheter is also placed in the rectum to measure the abdominal pressure on the bladder. We apply sticky electrodes on your child's bottom to measure her sphincter (hold-on muscle) activity. Periodic X-rays are obtained throughout the study so we can look for bladder abnormalities. Once your child's bladder is full and she can no longer hold urine in, she will void into a special uroflow chair, to evaluate the urine flow rate and the time needed to empty her bladder.