Brushing Desensitization for Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain

Watch this video to learn about brushing as a desensitization technique for people living with Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain Syndrome.


Brushing Desensitization for Amplified Musculoskeletal Pain

We recommend incorporating brushing into your daily routine. This can be completed when showering. Any textured brush or cloth can be used for this desensitization exercise.

Here are some examples. Once you have decided which brush you'd like to use, you are ready to get started. Simply brush the area of the affected body part. This is the correct way. This is the incorrect technique. Keep in mind to apply pressure and move the brush back and forth rapidly. This is the correct way. This is the incorrect technique.

The water from the shower can be used for desensitizing as well. If you can change the pressure of the water from the showerhead, this is another way to provide increased intensity for desensitization. The water temperature -- cold, warm or hot -- can be another way to desensitize.

As you can see, showering is a great opportunity to complete several types of desensitization. Water pressure, texture, through brushing and temperature during normal activity of daily living. When you are done, dry off any brushes that are still wet and store them away in an appropriate place. You can also repeat this out of the shower as an additional desensitization exercise.

Great job! You've completed one of the four to five recommended desensitization techniques per day. Try another one. Remember this can take some time to work so don't give up.

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