Global Health Allies Program

The CHOP Global Health Allies Program provides opportunities for CHOP employees to use their expertise to work on specific global health projects both in Philadelphia and abroad.


Global Health Allies Program

Andrew P. Steenhoff, Medical Director, Global Health Center: The CHOP Global Health Center fulfills its vision of healthy children worldwide by impacting clinical care, teaching and research in low- and middle-income countries. To date, our team has touched tens of thousands of patient lives, trained over one-and-a-half thousand healthcare professionals, and written over a hundred research papers that describe novel ways to improve care in global settings.

Working simultaneously in each of these areas -- clinical care, education and research -- contributes   to sustainable improvements in global child health. The CHOP Global Health Allies Program is one example of how we use a multidisciplinary team to impact global child health.

Adriana M. Deverlis, Global health Project Admin: The CHOP Global Health Allies Program is a unique opportunity for CHOP employees to get involved in global health work. It's a bi-annual opportunity for employees who have been with CHOP for at least 18 months to prepare for and deliver continuing education to frontline healthcare workers in the Dominican Republic.

Cindy Viscuse, RN, clinical nurse, Float Pool I: I have two kids. I learned so much through the primary care office, through the doctors and the nurses there on how to care for my own kids, that I thought it would be amazing to be able to pass that information on to people that actually need it and are willing to learn it.

Audrey Foster, Clinical Dietitian II: So I was interested in the Global Health Program when I saw it on the internet at CHOP. I hadn't really considered Global Health until that point so it wasn't … it kind of sparked my interest when I saw the opportunity to go with fellow CHOP co-workers to the Dominican Republic. You get to kind of use our … flex our skills a little bit that we use here at CHOP all the time and also meet other co-workers and experience a new country.

Narrator: The thing that surprised me … was the turnout for the health fair. We had so many people come, and that was great.  And they were like excited about it and they wanted to be weighed and they wanted their blood pressure done and the kids thought it was like fun and, so that was really cool.

Lorena Gonzalez, Clinical Support Associate: This experience been meaningful for me because I've been able to help with the program, especially with the health promoters. You can tell that they're learning a lot from our presentation. Knowing that they're learning, you know, from all of the things that we've prepared at home, it's amazing.

Merlin Ramirez, Health Promoter: (speaking Spanish)  This is great because you provide us with training. You teach us how to help our communities prevent illness which is something that we never had before. This partnership is beneficial to us because thanks to you, we can grow and help our community.

Mutaz A. Al Mudaris, Medical Interpreter: We got the chance over here to bond with everyone at CHOP. We got the chance to go out in the community and see how the Dominican Republic is, you know, very closely to the people. So I think it's been a wonderful experience and it teaches you a lot of handling resources, discipline.

Audrey Foster, Clinical Dietitian II: I don't know that providing healthcare or education in other parts of the world takes anything away from what we're providing here at CHOP. If anything, I think it might strengthen your skill set so that when you are working here in Philadelphia, you're more aware of what people are going through.

Massiel Marissa Ortega Rivera, Medical Interpreter: Before, I had never really given thought like CHOP, you know, can get so fast, going to different countries with, you know, projects and programs. But it has a lot to say to CHOP. I mean, CHOP is dedicated to children. CHOP is opening their views far beyond Philadelphia. And you know, helping really … not only our area but really the children of the world. So that says a lot about CHOP as an institution.

Mutaz A. Al Mudaris, Medical Interpreter: I think the most personal story or events that's happened that's really, I'm going to carry with me and cherish my entire life was, a very small and short experience with a very, you know, young kid.

CHOP provided him with a walker, and we wanted to visit his house to see how he can use the walker, you know, whether he is benefiting from it or not. And obviously he did. To see the smile on his face, that's something I will never forget. To see the satisfaction in the mother’s eyes and the appreciation, that's something I will never forget.

Lorena Gonzalez, Clinical Support Associate:  So far, this experience has been great. I mean, best experience of my life so far. It really touched my heart. It's … just seeing kids, the children smile, it's, it's just a great feeling because I'm doing so little, but for them it's … they're just so grateful and it's been a great experience. 

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