Surgeons Describe Partial Cricotracheal Resection (CTR)

Airway surgeons describe partial cricotracheal resection. Partial cricotracheal resection is for patients who have a short section of scarring at the level of the cricoid and the tracheal segment immediately below it. This complex surgery involves removing a scarred portion of the airway and reconnecting the healthy ends.


Surgeons Describe Partial Cricotracheal Resection (CTR)

Ian N. Jacobs, MD: Potential surgery we may do for the more advanced cases of stenosis is known as cricotracheal resection, or CTR. 

Karen B. Zur, MD: The cricotracheal resection is when you're actually removing a diseased portion of the airway and then reconnecting two healthy portions.

Ian N. Jacobs, MD: That involves cutting out the scarred portion of the airway or the larynx and moving up normal trachea to replace it.

Karen B. Zur, MD: So we have to make sure before committing to performing a cricotracheal resection that we have enough space below the vocal cords to accommodate that suturing of the trachea to the voice box.

Ian N. Jacobs, MD: It's a more involved operation, which is not done as commonly as LTR. But it can treat the most severe cases of subglottic stenosis and tracheal stenosis with outstanding results.

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