Academy for Resuscitation of Children: Outreach

When respiratory failure and shock requiring resuscitation progress to cardiac arrest in hospitalized children, the chances of survival range from 10% to 70%, with wide variability by hospital, system of care and country. Most health care organizations have limited expertise, capacity, and systems of care to efficiently measure and improve how they recognize, prevent, prepare for, respond, and treat pediatric clinical deterioration events and cardiac arrests. The ARC brings us closer to eliminating disparities in outcomes by providing evidence-based, optimal resuscitation practices in hospitals in communities all over the world.



We offer innovative training interventions to optimize team performance during a resuscitation, including point-of-care CPR training, multidisciplinary simulation and debriefing. We provide educational programs designed to assist frontline providers to recognize and initially treat and manage patients who are at high risk of cardiac arrest and for low-volume but high-risk events. These educational endeavors support early intervention and improve team competency when a patient’s condition has deteriorated.

Site visits

Our team visits outside facilities, assesses their current resuscitation systems and preparedness to respond to potential cardiac arrest emergencies, and analyzes their needs and liabilities. Working with each site we visit, we then develop contextualized curricula and training programs appropriate to each site to improve performance and patient outcomes.


Our tele-support command center enables us to provide real-time best-practice support, consultation, training, credentialing and feedback.