Academy for Resuscitation of Children: Collaboration

Most healthcare organizations have limited expertise, capacity and systems of care to efficiently measure and improve how they recognize, prevent, prepare for, and treat pediatric cardiac arrests and clinical emergencies. With foundation and philanthropic support, we are working to eliminate disparities in outcomes by providing evidence-based, optimal resuscitation practices in hospitals in communities all over the world.

Global Resuscitation Alliance

CHOP is home to the first-ever Global Resuscitation Alliance which will disseminate an evidence-based, 10-step global resuscitation alliance model across more than 50 centers worldwide. No such global resuscitation alliance or resuscitation academy model exists for children.

  • MISSION: To save children’s lives and the quality of life for their families through discovery, dissemination and support of optimal resuscitation practice in every hospital and every community
  • VISION: To continuously advance and support discovery, contextualization, and implementation of best pediatric cardiac arrest prevention, preparation, recognition, and resuscitation practices through pioneering research, innovative training, relentless commitment to extraordinary care, and genuine global collaboration.

Ten-step Global Resuscitation Alliance Model

From pre-arrest, intra-arrest, and post resuscitation care, the Academy has identified 10 elements that are all important to the excellent resuscitation and support of children. The goal is to visit the hospitals within the pediRES-Q network or help to bring hospital personnel to CHOP to figure out where they are among each of the 10 steps and how CHOP can support them in improving the implementation of the best science, the best training, and the best implementation within their hospital.


ARC investigators have a long and successful history of collaboration focusing on education and the work to improve the quality of resuscitation practice.

  • Nicoletti Family  (Ferrier, Nicoletti and Peruto families)
  • Laerdal Foundation
  • ZOLL Medical
  • Resuscitation Quality Improvement Partners (RQI) Partners
  • Philips
  • Heart Hero
  • Defibtech