Allergy-Immunology-Dermatology Clinic

Children with eczema may also have allergies and immunodeficiency disorders. This requires a high degree of coordination among medical specialties and can be challenging for families to navigate. The Allergy-Immunology-Dermatology Clinic at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) integrates treatment across all three areas of specialty into one visit. Children and their caregivers benefit from the coordinated approach to care as well as the convenience of seeing all three specialists in one visit.

Who we treat

The Allergy-Immunology-Dermatology Clinic coordinates care for children whose primary complaint is severe eczema, but who may also have severe food allergies or significant infections – both of which may raise concern that the child has a primary immunodeficiency. We evaluate and provide services and treatment to children who have:

  • Severe topical and treatment-resistant eczema
  • Food allergies with severe eczema
  • Severe eczema and recurrent infections

What to expect at your visit

The Allergy-Immunology-Dermatology Clinic is offered monthly and staffed by clinicians from the Division of Allergy and Immunology and the Division of Dermatology at CHOP. Your child will meet with providers from all three specialties during their initial visit and at follow-up appointments as needed.

Assessments may include skin testing for allergies and blood testing of immune function. Our specialists work together to pinpoint a diagnosis that explains all your child's symptoms. The clinical team will collaborate with each other, your family and your child's referring physician to develop a treatment plan to safely manage your child’s eczema and related conditions.

Expert care

Our clinic team is comprised of leaders in their respective fields, each bringing many years of experience to patient care. They are:

Clinical trials

The Allergy-Immunology-Dermatology Clinic offers clinical trials for children with food allergies and eczema, and for some children with primary immunodeficiency, including those requiring immunoglobulin replacement or stem cell transplantation.

For more information about clinical trials for children with food allergies and eczema, call Deirde Burke at 800-879-2467.

To inquire about clinical trials for children with primary immunodeficiency, please contact Houston Roberson at 800-879-2467.

To view a database of privately and publicly funded clinical studies conducted around the world, visit

Schedule an appointment

To schedule a visit to the monthly clinic, please call Carolyn Murphy at 215-590-2549.

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