Innovative Programs

Advanced practice providers (APPs) strategic priorities

  • Focus on operational efficiencies including: optimizing care delivery models, building our inpatient teams, staffing strategies, recruitment and onboarding and exploring opportunities for post graduate immersion programs.
  • Focus on financial stewardship including optimizing billing models across the hospital
  • Focus on well-being and professional fulfillment 

What we have to offer APPs at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)

In addition to comprehensive competitive benefits package, all APPs have the opportunity to participate in:

  • Comprehensive competency based orientation that is specific to your role and clinical responsibilities. Typical orientation length is 12 weeks depending on the practice area and experience
  • Discrete APP fellowship programs including:
  • Innovative educational opportunities including:
    • Simulation sessions and team training
    • Specific skills workshops for frontline ordering clinician teams in the ED, NICU, PICU and CICU
    • Interprofessional educational sessions
    • Emergency care certifications including BLS, PALs, ACLS, ATLS, PEARS as well as opportunity for instructor certification
  • Ongoing Professional development opportunities including:
    • Monthly APP pharmacology lecture series
    • Monthly APP educational grand rounds series
    • Leadership opportunities at the local and hospital wide level
    • Professional development & career growth workshops  
  • Academic Partnerships including opportunity to precept students and teach and lecture on specific clinical content at local universities

APP Transition to Practice Program

Our 3 day cohort based program focuses on the professionalism and leadership aspects of the APP role. All new to practice, new to CHOP and APPs transferring departments within CHOP regardless of practice area or role are part of the program. Topics include: communication, role transition, diversity, inclusion and cultural competence, mentoring and coaching, patient safety, quality improvement, healthcare value and financial stewardship, billing models, legal and risk management, engagement, wellness and professional development for all APPs.

APP Professional Advancement Program

The Advanced Practice Provider Professional Advancement Program was designed with the practicing APP in mind and was developed to engage, recognize and retain all APPs within the CHOP enterprise and provide opportunities for professional growth and development.

  • APP Entry Level, for new-to-practice or new to CHOP APPs.
  • APP Clinical Leader, for APPs who have two years at CHOP. The focus for this group is on unit/practice area activities and accomplishments.
  • APP Clinical Leader-Expert, for APPs with three years’ experience and demonstrate sustained accomplishments at the organizational, regional or local level.
  • APP Clinical Leader-Master, for APPs with five years’ experience and demonstrate sustained accomplishments at the national/international level.