About the Center for Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Expert, Long-Term Care

Our multispecialty team of dedicated IBD pediatric gastroenterologists, dieticians, nurse practitioners and nurses, as well as intensive support from our team of social workers, psychologists and educators, can positively impact the physical and social health of our patients and families. The center provides children with expert care, from initial testing and diagnosis through long-term disease management. Teamwork with other specialties offers the expertise of CHOP pathologists, radiologists and surgeons, when necessary. 

Chop is amazing. from the world-class doctors to the nurses and the cafeteria staff, they are all so caring and knowledgeable. our daughter loves chop. she knows the doctors there saved her life and restored her quality of life. it's hard to put into words how grateful we are to them.

IBD Nutrition Services

Good nutrition can lead to better disease outcomes. Adequate nutrition is necessary for growth and development for management of inflammatory bowel disease. Our registered dietitians support patients with IBD and their families by addressing nutritional concerns and providing individualized recommendations to help manage their inflammatory bowel disease. Learn more.

Psychosocial Support

Being a child or teen is not always easy – and it can sometimes be harder when IBD is added to the mix of school, activities, friends and family life. Our psychosocial team is here to help patients with IBD and their families cope and live their lives to the fullest. Learn more.

A Dedicated Program for Very Early Onset

Patients diagnosed with IBD before the age of 5 might exhibit unusually severe symptoms that don’t respond to traditional therapies. This program includes gastroenterologists, immunologists and geneticists who use whole exome sequencing to zero in on the cause and then work together to create individualized treatment plans. Learn more

A Research Leader

Patients have unparalleled access to research trials, as ours is the most active research program in pediatric IBD. We have approximately 30 institutional review board–approved clinical research studies ongoing. Our physicians are renowned scientists, who — through investigations into the genetic basis of IBD, the relationship between the microbiome and IBD, and other areas — relentlessly pursue new therapies and even cures. And CHOP's IBD Family Research Council (FRC), a volunteer organization of families, raises research dollars to help us find better treatments and get us to a cure.

Quality Improvement

We are the largest IBD center in ImproveCareNow, an international quality-improvement learning health system of 90 pediatric IBD centers that supports advances in care and research.

Convenient Locations

Our multi-specialty team sees patients at our Main Campus in Philadelphia, and specialized IBD clinicians are also available at CHOP Care Network locations in Lancaster, Pa. and Voorhees and Princeton N.J. Additional expert GI clinicians are available at our locations in King of Prussia, Chalfont, Abington, Mays Landing, Glen Mills, and Exton, Pa. 

Why Choose Us for IBD Treatment

Your child's IBD team isn't just comprised of experts in delivering treatment — our specialists are actively involved in the development of innovative ways to treat these diseases more safely and effectively. Significant breakthroughs in the treatment of IBD have happened right here at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Learn more.