Child Life, Creative Arts Therapy, and Seacrest Studio Practicum, Internship and Professional Education Opportunities

Child Life at CHOP offers training opportunities in child life, creative arts therapy, and patient media programs production. These free, unpaid experiences are offered three times a year, beginning in January, May and late August/September. Qualified students must submit a thoroughly completed application packet by the application postmark deadline for the designated program and be available for a phone or on-site interview. Hand-delivered applications to the hospital/department will not be accepted.

After the application is received and processed, applicants will receive an email notification of the application status. Applicants can anticipate this email within two weeks of mailing the application packet. Due to high volumes of interest in our training program, we ask that applicants not call or contact the department regarding their application status. Candidates are encouraged to use mail tracking or certified mail avenues to track the delivery process of the application packet if desired. Once the application packet is reviewed, the prospective student will receive a notification via email if he/she will be moving forward to the interview phase. Application is not a guarantee of acceptance, and not all applicants will be invited to interview.

Candidates who participate in the interview process will be notified of any potential training opportunities according to the notification standards and timeline set by the Association of Child Life Professionals or The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the creative arts therapy training experiences.

The Child Life Programs and Volunteer Services provides students with quality supervision and education during placement, and as such, only accepts a limited number of students per semester.

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