Child Life, Education and Creative Arts Therapy Resources

Learn about medical play and its therapeutic benefits for hospitalized children. Find links to age-specific information.

Play and recreation can be therapeutic by giving children the opportunity to explore, express and process their healthcare experiences in a safe, non-threatening environment.

Find recommended children’s books that focus on a variety of topics such as healthcare, social-emotional well-being, diversity and inclusion.

COVID-19 Resources

Coping During a Doctor’s Visit and Vaccination

Learn about the eight different breathing exercises and instructions on how to perform each. 

Comfort position: Preschooler Side-sitting Position

Comfort positions are secure hugging holds that help your child feel safe and secure during medical procedures. Find several comfort positions that we often recommend for newborns, infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

My Vaccine Visit title screen

This child-friendly learning resource can help prepare your child for getting a vaccine. Learn about what a vaccine is and what it can be like before, during and after.

Doctor holding young child

Going to the doctor’s office can be an overwhelming experience for children and caregivers. This guide provides suggestions and resources to help create positive experiences.

Like adults, children deserve honest answers about their healthcare. Consider teaching your child — before their appointment — about why immunizations are important. Find tips to help prepare your child for their immunizations.

Preparing for Your Child's Procedure

getting an MRI

This child-friendly video cartoon can help prepare your child for getting an MRI. Learn about what an MRI machine looks like, the MRI noise, and how the MRI scan works.

MRI Scanner

An MRI mock scanner simulates the real MRI experience, including the noises the camera makes throughout the scan. It is a useful tool to see how your child will handle the MRI.

The sounds created by an MRI machine can be intimidating for some children as they do not know what to expect. Play these MRI sounds to help your child prepare for their MRI.