Why Choose Us for Home Care

Children’s Hospital Home Care is committed to high-quality care and treatment for your child. Our Home Care team has decades of expertise caring for sick, injured or disabled children in a home setting that supports emotional as well as physical healing. We are committed to delivering “world-class care” to our patients and families.

Other reasons to choose Children’s Hospital Home Care

  • Our specialized expertise working with pediatric patients and their families
  • Home-based care and treatment that allows the child to live as comfortably as possible, surrounded by familiar people, things and places
  • More than 5,000 home care patients are supported by CHOP each year
  • Most insurance plans are accepted at CHOP
  • Both Televisit and MyCHOP messaging capabilities are available to help your family get answers and support
  • Supply reorders are conveniently available via MyCHOP
  • A shared medical record within the entire CHOP enterprise allows for care coordination and flexibility with scheduling appointments based on your child’s needs
  • Nurses within Children’s Hospital Home Care are part of the team recognized with Nursing Magnet designation, a recognition fewer than 8 percent of healthcare organizations have received
  • More than 95 percent of patients and families are satisfied when using Children’s Hospital Home Care services*
  • 100 percent of patients and families are satisfied with the teaching and training provided by Children’s Hospital Home Care to safely and confidently care for their child*

*Data pulled from Children’s Hospital Home Care’s Perception of Care/Patient Satisfaction Survey and Patient Safety Surveys.

Children’s Hospital Home Care is an option for families looking for an alternative to clinic visits for infusions or as a transition to the home setting for the management of chronic conditions. Our team can administer infusions in the home as well as routinely teach patients and families how to be independent in their care providing supplies and support 24/7 with on-call services.

To get started, call 1-800-866-1242 and press “2” to reach our Patient Access Coordinators.