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The Power of Nutrition

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CHOP’s Culinary Medicine program develops recipes that can help ease physical symptoms or otherwise improve children’s health.

Baby Formula Shortage: What Families Need to Know

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Baby drinking from bottle

In most cases, babies can switch between brands of formula without issue, but if your baby has specific health needs, it is important to speak with your pediatrician before making changes. Here's what you need to know, and tips for getting through this shortage.

Ask the Medical Chef Educator

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Learn how this unique role supports patients at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Plus, tasty recipes for even the most challenging therapeutic diets.

What's for Dinner Tonight?

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Senbagam Virudachalam, MD, MSHP, a CHOP pediatrician, is analyzing national data to determine how frequently Americans cook dinner at home and what impacts their decision-making related to eating and serving dinner to their families.