Division of Ophthalmology Resources

Hospital Amenities

The Connelly Resource Center for families is located on the 8th floor of the Main Hospital. Inside, families will find a family and children's library, a learning center and a hospitality area for free services such as laundry, business needs, naps, learning or relaxing.

The Little Rock Foundation Resource Room, located on the 11th floor of Buerger, offers a broad range of services to support parents and families of children with impaired vision, hearing and other disabilities.


Easy Does It - Ambulatory Surgery Center Video

CHOP brings specialty and surgical services to families in our Specialty Care and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. The centers allow families access to the services of renowned Children's Hospital surgeons without a trip to the city.


Philadelphia Eagles Eye Mobile brings comprehensive vision care to under- and uninsured children in the greater Philadelphia area, offering eye exams, prescription eyeglasses, and follow-up care from an ophthalmologist at no cost to their parents.