Division of Otolaryngology Patient Stories

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Voice Loss and Acid Reflux: Kate’s Story

Kate singing

Kate loves to sing. In a scare when she was 16, she experienced bouts of losing her voice. The Pediatric Voice Program at CHOP helped her get her voice, and her dreams, back.

Tracheostomy and Decannulation: Steven’s Story


Steven came in to the world facing more challenges than most people face in a lifetime, but after 35 medical procedures and 12 major surgeries by CHOP specialists, the 12-year-old is thriving.

Tracheal Stenosis: Patrick’s Story

Patrick playing golf

Patrick had a tough time at freshman baseball try-outs — unusual because he excelled at sports — but it made sense when he learned that he was breathing through a narrowed trachea the size of a Q-tip.