Division of Urology Resources

Caring for a child with any illness or injury can be overwhelming. To help you find answers to your questions and feel confident with the care you’re providing your child, we’ve created the following list of health resources for patients and families. We hope they can help make this time in your family’s life a bit easier.

We encourage children to be actively involved in their own healthcare in age-appropriate ways, adjusting care and providing transitional support as they grow.

For Parents and Caregivers

This patient-family handout provides information about the anatomy and care of a child's uncircumcised penis, and symptoms that require a call to your child's doctor.

Educational Materials

Common Questions About Bedwetting

Find advice and resources for managing bedwetting in children from pediatric urology specialists at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

For Patients

Toddler with book in his mouth

A voiding calendar can help keep track of your child’s bathroom and voiding habits. Download our calendar for kids, and one for teens to keep track of their own habits.


Learn about common urology topics that come up in a primary care setting, including advice for counseling families on circumcision, when retraction of foreskin is recommended, and when to refer to a pediatric urologist.

Post-surgical Management

This resource explains what to expect after your child's urologic surgical procedure, activity restrictions, pain management and when to call the doctor.

This resource offers families information about what to expect after your child's cystoscopy, a procedure that allows the physician to directly examine your child's urinary tract.

Find out what to expect after your child's surgical procedure to clear the blockage between the kidney and the ureter. Details include your child's appearance, drainage tubes, pain management and more.

This patient-family educational tool can help you understand the types of drainage tubes your child may have, as well as the purpose and placement of each.

Get information about hypospadias, the repair procedure and what to expect after your child's surgery. Details include dressing changes, diet, pain control and follow-up.

This patient-family handout explains the different types of medicines that your child might take after surgery to control pain, and tips for safely managing pain at home.

This resource can help you better understand orchiopexy, a surgical correction for your child's undescended testicle. Details include your child's appearance, changing the wound's dressing, pain management and more.

Learn about what to expect after your child's surgery to fix the ureter's position in the bladder. Details include the appearance of the surgical site, drainage tubes, pain management and more.


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