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Minimally Invasive Surgery in CHOP Urology: An Introduction

Published on in CHOP News, Urology Update

CHOP Urology’s MIS team

CHOP has a leading robot-assisted and laparoscopic surgery practice and one of the most experienced pediatric urology minimally invasive surgery (MIS) programs in the world. Surgeons at CHOP have led advances in minimally invasive robotic surgery and continue to improve patient care, develop new treatment options, and improve outcomes to benefit children across the country and around the world.

CHOP Urology Minimally Invasive Surgery Research Update

Published on in CHOP News, Urology Update

Our commitment to continuously and rigorously assess surgical indications, interventions and outcomes for minimally invasive surgery for children remains steadfast, as evidenced by recent recruitment of new members of our research team and recent progress on two major research projects.