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Bowel Management for Spina Bifida

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Our team takes an active role in helping our patients with spina bifida become more independent with neurogenic bowel management. From training patients and families in the use of transanal irrigation systems to developing a novel cone enema system.

Working to Decrease Opioid Use After Major Urologic Reconstruction

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A recent analysis of our multimodal pain management protocol found that emphasizing a transition in perioperative pain management toward non-opioid multimodal regimens utilizing NSAIDs for common urological reconstructive procedures is not only feasible and safe but also may confer an advantage over the use of opiates.

CHOP Division of Urology Research Highlights 2021-2022

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Over the last year, members of our Division of Urology have been busy advancing pediatric urology through research activities ranging from basic science discoveries to innovative 3D modeling of kidney cancers prior to surgery.