Family Learning Center Resources

The following materials are intended only to provide general educational information. You should not rely on this information as medical advice or treatment. Do not attempt anything you may see in these materials without first consulting with your healthcare provider. If a CHOP provider did not expressly instruct you to view these materials, please do not use this information without first discussing with your own healthcare provider.

Patient Family Education

Giving an Insulin Injection Using a Pen

This video demonstrates how to give insulin using a pre-filled pen, including where and how to give the injection, supplies you’ll need, how to dispose of the used pen needle, and more.

This learning module offers help and guidance for reconstituting medicine (changing powdered medicine into a liquid) from a single or multidose vial. It also allows you to practice the steps for giving this medicine as a subcutaneous injection.

How to Treat Low Blood Sugars

This interactive video explains the signs, symptoms and causes of low blood sugar, how the body is affected, and what you can do to correct a low blood sugar when detected.

Preparing Your Child for Their Endoscopy

This short animation will help you and your child prepare for your upcoming endoscopy visit with CHOP. It will help your child know what to expect on the day of their appointment, who and what they will see, and what will happen before, during, and after their visit.

This learning module will help you practice suctioning your child's tracheostomy with a straight or in-line catheter using your portable suction machine.