Why Choose the Food Allergy Center

The Food Allergy Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is a world leader at providing multidisciplinary care for children and their families. For many patients with food allergies, psychosocial support is an essential part of ongoing treatment. At CHOP, our team of social workers, psychologists and integrative health specialists support patients and families and can provide guidance to referring physicians who are looking to do the same.

Pioneering research

Clinicians at CHOP are leading food allergy research worldwide by:

  • Investigating the genetic and environmental causes of food allergies
  • Developing novel diagnostics, such as:
    • A test for severity of food allergy-RNA seq from food challenges
    • A T-cell assay test to determine individual food allergies
  • Creating new therapeutics, such as personalized esophageal organoids
  • Leading and participating in clinical trials for EoE
  • Developing a FPIES cohort to gain insight into the disease

Frontier program

The Food Allergy Center is one of a trailblazing group of initiatives at CHOP known as frontier programs that are pioneering new advances in children's health at an astonishing pace. Frontier programs combine groundbreaking translational research and exceptional clinical care.

Next Steps