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CHOP’s Connection to Communities Spans the Globe

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CHOP Clinic in the Dominican Republic

Peter Grollman visits CHOP's clinic in Consuelo, Dominican Republic, which serves approximately 450 children from families who generally make less than $2 per day harvesting sugar cane.

Basic Training

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Under an innovative new program, CHOP clinicians are training medical personnel abroad in essential lifesaving skills to help them recognize and treat young children.

Safety Training in the Dominican Republic

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Tracey Haines was one of seven Global Health Allies who traveled to the Dominican Republic in 2013 to train a group of Dominican health promoters in topics like child development, parenting and accident prevention.

Updates from CHOP Global Health Fellows

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Our 2013-2015 Global Health fellows, Kate Westmoreland, MD, and Chloe Turner, MD, reflect on their experiences in South Africa and the Dominican Republic. 

Global Health Conference Recap

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More than 200 physicians, nurses, social workers and others attended CHOP’s sixth annual Global Health Conference on Nov. 1, 2013, titled “Violence Against Children: Global Perspectives on Resilience, Response and Health Outcomes.”